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The Comparative Market Analysis or CMA is a report completed by a real estate professional that helps answer questions such as what price you can expect to sell your home for, and how long you can expect your home to be active on the market before you receive a viable contract to sell.  To answer these questions our real estate professionals at Crane Chicago Realty Group™ consider the following factors:

Similar Property Statistics   We research homes currently on the market, homes recently sold, and homes that failed to sell to determine your home’s market value.

  • Market Conditions   We know that the general condition of the economy, time of year, and the number of homes on the market similar to yours will affect the sale of your home.
  • Mortgage Availability and Interest Rates   The current interest rate trend and buyer qualification requirements have a large impact upon the number of buyers that are in market place at any given time.
  • Location, Curb Appeal and General Appearance  Where your home is located its’ proximity to schools, parks, shopping and transportation contributes to the amount you will be able to sell your home for.  Also, the way your home looks to potential buyers has an large impact upon the amount a buyer will pay for your home.  A good first impression is well worth the effort.

    The state of the real estate market is fluid, it’s important to know that the market must be monitored throughout the sales process to stay abreast of any changes in activity or market conditions that may need to be addressed. Contact us to request a CMA.


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